The flavor with a kick!

Pika Sauce is an all-natural pepper based sauce crafted to enhance the taste of every meal. With its healthy and flavorful kick, Pika Sauce is poised to become
the leading alternative to today’s most common table condiments.
Pika Sauce is the perfect product to pour over anything.


  • “Just got my pika and already ate 1/3 of the jar….addictive!”

    -Ricardo Cao Trillos


  • “Pika Sauce goes great on anything. I have dreams about how amazing it is.”

    -Brian Beezer Lemmerman


  • “I just bought my first jar on Sunday and it’s half gone already! Awesome stuff!”

    -JC Martinez


  • “Just tried Pika Sauce today for the first time. Simply AMAZING!! I don’t know why I waited so long to try it out.”

    -Maria Rivero Montalvo


Why Pika?

How can PIKA spice up
your health?

Product facts based on food chemist research and studies:
• All-natural raw ingredients
• No artificial preservatives
• Low Fat
• Low Calorie
• 0 Trans Fat
• Cholesterol Free
• Sugar Free

The uniqueness of Pika Sauce
is its versatility.

You can use it as a:
• Finishing Sauce
• Spicy Dip
• Salad Dressing
• Spread/Condiment

Let Pika Sauce add freshness and excitement to your
everyday culinary experience!